GODay 2018 held on 13th October 2018 was a treat to everyone associated with German language.

There were multiple booths for getting to know the German language and to inform yourself about study and of job/internship opportunities in Austria and Germany.  Both these countries had so much to offer: there was a free language starter class, the Austrian and German Ambassador attended the event, Singaporean students were sharing their experiences in Germany, and the spirit of the event was very cheerful because of the quiz arranged by the German Embassy Singapore.

People were excited to win the quiz give-aways & many goodies which were available through out the event at all the booths. The sparkling and tasty Haribo gummy-bears were an instant-attraction for all the visitors.

Many people visited the DAAD Booth and were excited and curious of the academic opportunities in Germany.

Are you interested in studying in Germany too? Then go ahead and book your appointment here.