Like every year MOELC (Ministry of Education Language Centre) had organized ‘German Day’ on 21st & 22nd February 2019 for its students. DAAD Information Centre Singapore, Goethe Institut Singapore & German Embassy Singapore were invited as the guests. Every year they have a different theme for this event, and this year it was ‘Musik’ which means Music as the name suggests.

From start to end, the performers spoke only in German language which portrayed their command over it. The students had put up a spectacular German Skit which was based on a pop-show audition. A quiz was included which served as the commercial breaks of this pop show.

The event also included German Spelling contest and several presentations made by students who had gone to Germany for their study trips.

DAAD Information Centre Singapore had organized a quiz for the students on both the days along with a presentation about studying in Germany. The students enjoyed the quiz and won DAAD water bottles with some authentic Gummibärchen from Germany.

German Embassy Singapore and Goethe Institute delivered speeches and the former even sponsored German Bretzels for the students.

To sum it up, it was an exciting fest full of fun. The picture above shows the posters made by the students keeping the theme in mind.