The DAAD along with TUM Asia had organized a Scientific Dinner Talk on 4th April 2019 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore. Agile Supply Networks and Advanced Manufacturing was the main topic of discussion. Prof. Dr. Andre Krischke, Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of Applied Sciences Munich, was the main speaker of this event.

He shared his experiences with his in-depth knowledge on Logistics and Supply Chain Management with an active question and answer session.

This talk focussed on why it is crucial – instead of focusing on individual smart technologies – to allow a strategic perspective, defining the range of future capabilities and implementing a mixture of pro-active and reactive measures to attain the necessary level of agility in manufacturing and supply chain system. Smart technologies and big data will definitely be key enablers for these new core capabilities; but only after carefully balancing the potentially risks and opportunities.

 The wide range of information offered at the event attracted considerable interest from all the international participants and they had the perfect opportunity to learn more about DAAD and its activities world-wide.

The main discussion at the Dinner Talk attracted the interest of the international research community to Germany as a research location and this event provided a solid foundation and was an ideal starting point for further successful joint activities in coming years.