The DAAD AInet Fellowship is awarded twice a year to a group of outstanding international early career researchers in the field of artificial intelligence. Awardees will be invited to join the Postdoctoral Networking Tour in Artificial Intelligence (Postdoc-NeT-AI), a hybrid networking program that brings them face-to-face with leading researchers with the goal to initiate collaborations and career opportunities. Additionally, awardees will be included in the DAAD AInet Fellows & Alumni Network, offering you a long-term gateway to German AI research, and bringing you together with other bright researchers from all over the world.

The Postdoc-NeT-AI 3/2022 – AI and Robotics

The Postdoc-NeT-AI 3/2022 in AI and Robotics brings together leading German research institutions in AI and Robotics covering a wide range of AI-based methods for robotics, from robot control and perception to autonomous, learning, and bioinspired robots to cooperation in multirobot systems and interaction with humans.

Successful candidates will get a comprehensive insight into German robotics research and have the chance to connect personally with leading researchers during the virtual networking week and individual on-site visits.

The Virtual Networking Week | 7-11 March 2022

The first part of the hybrid Postdoc-NeT-AI 3/2022 in AI and Robotics is the Virtual Networking Week from 7-11 March 2022. During that week the host institutions will present themselves during daily virtual visits and invite selected participants for virtual one-on-one meetings. Successful candidates will also have the chance to get to know the work of the other participants and connect to them during a virtual poster session before the actual networking week.

One-week travel stipends

The second part of the Postdoc-NeT-AI 3/2022 comprises the funding for an individual one-week trip to Germany (extendable by one week at your own expense). Participant can use this week to follow up on the virtual networking week and visit institutions and individual researchers to deepen the contacts.

The AInet 3/2022 is now open for applications.

Apply here!

Deadline: 11th Jan 2022