Germany is a top destination for PhD students, postdocs, and senior scientists. The website “Research in Germany” helps you to find your way to Germany, to seek for PhD positions, research jobs or funding opportunities. It describes the German research landscape and provides you with contacts to institutions and networks. Welcome to Germany – the Land of Ideas!

If you decide to do a doctorate, you can choose between different forms of study. Depending on your discipline, research area, personal circumstances and formal qualifications, there are two different paths:

  1. Individual doctorate
    The individual doctorate is based on independent research carried out alone under the supervision of one professor. This is the traditional path followed by over three quarters of all doctoral students in Germany.
  2. Structured PhD programmes
    These programmes offer a form of study similar to that found in English-speaking countries. You will be supervised by a team and will attend courses, lectures and seminars together with other doctoral students.

Application procedures differ from programme to programme. The precise requirements and deadlines can be found on the website of the respective university, research training group or graduate school. You should therefore first choose a PhD programme and/or graduate school.

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