Alumni Experiences

A group of alumni sit in a seminar and look at an invisible speaker while they concentrate on his lecture.
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Mr. Anish Date

During his school days in Singapore, Anish Date represented his school as a “Model United Nations Ambassador” for BerMUN and was sent to Berlin, Germany for a brief period of 10 days. This short stay in Germany convinced him to pursue his higher education in Germany!


Ms. Eunice Chia

Read the below testimonial from Eunice to understand how she overcame all the obstacles to study at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Since this course was taught in German Language, she had to learn German beforehand, and she had to start from the basic ABCs. But where there is a will, there is a way!


Mr. Julian Lasinger

Meet Mr. Julian Lasinger who got a DAAD Scholarship to study four semesters for his Masters in France, from which he chose to study one semester in Singapore at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy of NUS. We met recently and he shared with us how exciting his life has been while studying at prominent schools globally.


Mr. Chua Chew Yong

Meet Mr. Chua Chew Yong, one of our oldest DAAD scholarship holders here in Singapore. Mr. Chua recently visited our office to have a chat about how his time in Germany has sent him on one of the most interesting paths we have heard so far.


Chistabel Fernandez

Through a DAAD Scholarship for a summer language course, Christabel get to explore Berlin.


Kai Shing CHUA

Kai Shing participated in a 4 week language course thanks to a Goethe Scholarship, read about her experience.


Li Zikai

By working in Germany you don't only gain valuable work experience but also get insights into German culture, food and working style. Here, Li Zikai tells about his internship at Bayer in 2015.


Natalie Ng

Studying Medicine in a foreign language may be difficult, but after successfully completing her studies in Germany, Natalie is back in Singapore.


Pun Hao Lim & Joey Chua

The Poly-goes-UAS programme gives polytechnic students from Singapore the opportunity to follow a ‘dual‘ study path where they will be studying for their Bachelor‘s and working at a German company on a 3 or 6 month rotational schedule.


Interview with Amylia Ghani

Doing a doctorate is a very different experience in Germany compared to Singapore. Most PhD candidates write their thesis the "traditional" way, working independently with little supervision from their supervisor.


Vanessa Cheong Kel Ly

With her Polytechnic Diploma, Vanessa could not apply directly to German universities. In an interview she talks about her experience at the Studienkolleg and how it helped her during her subsequent studies in Germany.


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