Poly-goes-UAS Programme

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Interview – Pun Hao Lim & Joey Chua

Recently, we spoke to Pun Hao Lim and Joey Chua, both students from Nanyang Polytechnic who are taking part in the Poly-goes-UAS (University of Applied Sciences) programme.
Both students were coming from their class at the Goethe Institut where they have been learning German for the past year. With only a few weeks left before their departure to Germany, they were excited about their new prospects.

“I wanted to learn a new language and it’s good to receive a degree from Germany which is internationally highly recognized”, said Joey who, like Pun Hao, holds a Diploma in Digital and Precision Engineering. “Also, I want to travel and find it interesting to learn more about the differences between Asian and Western
“Germany is the leader in Engineering and I studied German during my Polytechnic years,” added Pun Hao when asked “Why Germany?”
Pun Hao will study Electronics in Mannheim on a 6-month rotational schedule while doing the practical part of the dual education at Heraeus in Hanau.
Joey’s schedule requires a switch every 3 months between studying Mechanical Engineering in Lörrach to her practical training at SICK. She was already enrolled in a special internship programme, so while attending German classes in the morning, she was getting to know her colleagues in Singapore.
„This gave me the opportunity to fully focus on learning German and my studies instead of worrying about living expenses“, said Joey.
Like any other student going to Germany, both were looking forward to travelling. „The Oktoberfest, skiing, hiking… things you cannot do here in Singapore“ appealed to Pun Hao while Joey had many cities on her list to visit: Hamburg, Heidelberg, Freiburg and Cologne came to her mind immediately.

ABOUT Poly goes UAS
The Poly-goes-UAS programme gives polytechnic students from Singapore the opportunity to follow a ‘dual‘ study path where they will be studying for their Bachelor‘s and working at a German company on a 3 or 6 month rotational schedule. The companies are part of the „Mittelstand“, small to medium sized German companies which also have a presence in Singapore. They are often family–owned engineering companies and leaders in their field.

Prior to their studies in Germany, the polytechnic graduates spend one year taking German classes at the Goethe Institut in Singapore, often already completing an internship at the German company as well.
During their studies, their companies will pay them a monthly allowance and sponsor one flight back home per year.
After the completion of the programme, there is no bond with the companies, yet, students may still need to serve their previous bond time from their polytechnic studies here in Singapore.
To learn more about this programme, check http://www.polygoesuas.com/

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