Hi there, my name is Khai Shing and I was granted a scholarship for a 4 weeks language course in Germany thanks to Goethe-Institut Singapur! It was my first time in Germany and I was extremely excited. To apply for the scholarship, I had to send in a personal essay along with my particulars. Thereafter, I was thankfully shortlisted to attend an interview about why I hoped to win the scholarship. I have been passionate about German ever since taking it as my third language in Secondary 1 and to be able to finally have an opportunity to visit and explore Germany is a dream come true! It was a tough decision, but I eventually decided on Munich to have the course as I did a project on it in Secondary 2 where we had to give a virtual tour. Lessons were fun and interactive, and I forged many new friendships which I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

We were inquisitive and it was interesting knowing that we were bound together by our passion for German. Naturally, there was the cultural aspect of lessons where we got to visit interesting sites such as Chiemsee, the BMW factory and Neuschwanstein Castle! Munich is simply beautiful, offering easy train rides to other parts of Germany such as Dachau or Passau. People say, you haven’t actually been to Germany if you haven’t tried a “Biergarten” at least once! Here’s a photo at a renowned Biergarten in Dachau that was on a hill, allowing visitors a great view of Munich!

One other highlight that coincided with my trip was the Euro Cup 2016, and it seemed all of Germany gathered to watch (and support!) the Germany matches. To sum it up, my trip to Germany was an amazing experience and I hope to return soon!