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Since 2006, I studied at the German European School Singapore, which values the roots founded on German culture, language and traditions. These influences have shaped my growing years.

My first-hand experience of German life began in November 2012, when I was sent to Berlin to represent my school, as a “Model United Nations Ambassador” for BerMUN. I interacted successfully with a diverse group of students from various schools in Germany. I loved my 10-day Berlin home-stay with a German speaking host family. After the actual visit to Germany, I was convinced that Germany is the most ideal place for pursuing my education. Hence in 2013, I moved to Germany to study “General Engineering Science” with TUHH, Hamburg.

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TUHH, Hamburg is a great place to learn fundamentals of Engineering. I was awed by the scientific culture norms such as independence, critical stance, systematic approach adhered in TUHH. As more and more technology is getting embedded in business arena, organizations require professionals who understand both technology and business. I wanted to develop skills to evaluate, select and implement technology-based solutions to business problems. Hence, at a much later stage of my studies, I shifted my focus from pure engineering in TUHH to engineering and business with Jacobs University in Bremen.

This shift was made possible due to the flexibility in the German education system. Initially, it was a setback both in terms of time and efforts already invested. But I persisted and it has turned out to be the right decision retrospectively. Managing my life on my own over the last six years in Germany, has made me highly independent, adaptable and self-confident.

German Industries offer many “Practical Training/Internship” opportunities for students and recent graduates to get professional hands-on experience. Currently, I am busy interning with an MNC, and would also work with Start-Ups in near future. This is helping me to build a strong foundation for my already secured “Master’s in Management” (Year 2020) course admission, with a reputed German university.

© Anish Date

I believe that the life of a university student goes far beyond studying. The International Degree Courses in Germany tend to have a nice blend of various ethnicities due to strong degree of international faculty and student mix. My friends come from several nationalities, and cultures. This has made me highly receptive and open to different customs and values.

I want to be well equipped to face the challenges of our world. The “wisdom & knowledge/skills based” education in Germany will continue to help me in developing an all-round personality befitting a responsible, global citizen.

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